Friday, June 21, 2013

Harry Potter Readalong Wrap-Up - How can this be over?

You guys, this is it. The last Harry Potter Friday. The final wrap up post after this 6 month readalong. How nuts is that? 6 months of reading and writing about Harry Potter. That is crazy impressive. Especially when I think way back to when this readalong was first suggested and the thought of committing to anything for 6 months was crazy. How am I going to stick with it? Now I don't know what I'm going to do next Friday. Who is going to listen to thoughts about wizarding plumbing? WHO I ASK YOU?

Alice, super big thanks and hugs for hosting this thing because it has been insanely fun.
Hug or awk Bill dance. Whatevs
Last minute questions/thoughts that weren't included in the readalong posts (where they belong) and instead I'm going to awkwardly shove them here. Because I'm not ready to admit this is over
  • Charlie riding into the Hogwarts battle on a dragon. I know it would have been ridiculous and the tone would have been wrong but SIRIUSLY how badass would that have been? I mean, he was there fighting right?
  • Firewhiskey, so is this magic whiskey? Or just like normal whiskey but it has to be wizarding so it's just a brand? Except the Harry Potter wiki tells me there are dif brands of firewhiskey but not what makes firewhiskey different than Jameson or something. I need answers to the important questions.
Keeping with the theme of I'm not ready for this to end yet, here's a few GIFs that I tried to shoehorn in to the normal readalong posts but never managed
wizards should use more fairy dust

Thank you not only to Alice but to everyone else that played along with this readalong. We had laughs and cries and arguments and it has been SO MUCH FUN. Best book club ever.

What's that, you wanted to see a list of ALL the Harry Potter readalong posts? Of course you do

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And finally, I leave you with this, care of Awkward Family Photos - Pregnant Edition
Someone Slytherin-ed to her Chamber of Secrets