Saturday, April 13, 2013

There would normally be a quote here but I listened to this on audio so...

It was Harry Potter Friday! And I missed it, but let me briefly explain. See one, I am currently in Ireland (more specifically at the moment I'm in Northern Ireland, in Belfast) so that already was going to get in the way of this being a normal HP post. Second, I am SO SMART and decided to turn on that 2 step verification on my Google accounts. For those of you that don't know it, it means the first time you log in on a new machine, Google sends a verification code to your phone. You type that code in and you're good to go. You know, assuming you're not currently out of the country with a non-working cell phone. If you are well then SOL for you, isn't it? I had Boyfriend+ get into my account on one of the computers at home I've set as safe and disable that so I can be here. YOU SEE WHAT I DO FOR YOU GUYS. Also for me.

Anyway, onto the post, yes? (Thank you Alice for hosting and watch out for spoilers)

So normally I write down notes as I'm reading, and then I just sorta post that (hence the messy posts I've been putting out). This time I don't have any notes so this might be more coherent but will inevitably leave a whole bunch of stuff out.

There's a reason I've never made it past this book when re-reading the series. It's this stupid ending.

The whole time I was reading, remembering how great it was I knew this ending was just waiting, mocking me. It's like that Sesame Street book The Monster at the End of the Book, only instead of getting to the end and finding an adorable Grover, you find the death of Sirius and things are all sad and horrible, the end.

Oh but it's not the end cos then we watch Harry deal with the death and guilt and it's horrible again. DAMMIT JK, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US?

I didn't quite cry during these scenes. I was first on a plane, then a bus, so I tried to hold it together. I don't remember if I did the first time I read it either because it comes as such as surprise and then you're just in denial that he's gone because  JK decided to write the most ambiguous death scene ever. Which meant I pretty much spent the rest of the series until the end convinced he was going to come back. Did I mention I'm excellent at denial?

I should mention some of awesome scenes, because there are awesome scenes. (Even if I wanted to SCREAM at Harry the whole time he's insisting on going to the Ministry and If you had just bothered to practice Occulmency LIKE YOU SHOULD HAVE then maybe this wouldn't have happened. Oh look, I'm back to the bad parts. Dammit.) Neville, and Luna, and Ginny kick so much ass at the Ministry. They're so badass and so willing to help Harry and put themselves in danger. They rule. They just throw themselves into this thing full force. Even Luna who hasn't known Harry for years and Harry & co aren't even particularly nice to her. Yet she's still there in the thick of things because she's great.

I would say more but I am apparently holding up things. It seems some people want to use their time in a new country to go sight seeing or something like that.