Friday, May 24, 2013

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death

Another Friday and we are making our way through part two of Deathly Hallows. Shit is getting real (realer), thank you Alice for hosting this thang, and beware, thar be spoilers.

Here's the thing I've found about this section: I don't remember a thing from my first read through. Which means I have a lot less random thoughts that make up the other book posts, because with those I already knew the plot so I could focus on the important stuff like wizarding plumbing and how bad at math Rowling is. This time though I realize the only thing I remember about this book is who dies (only out of the important characters) and the epilogue. Now I'm spending my reading/listening wonder what the hell is going to happen next.

I feel like this post is going to be Defend the Marauders-ish*. But whatever, here goes. Lupin is an asshole for wanting to go along with H/R/Hr and leave a pregnant Tonks with her family. He has reasons which aren't entirely selfish, but he's still a jerk for considering. That said, this isn't unforgivable especially because he doesn't go with H/R/Hr. Just as one good deed doesn't make up for a lifetime of being a shithead, and one asshole decision doesn't destroy a lifetime of being a kind and trustworthy person.

It's so nice to see Kreacher happy. Happy-ish. Obviously this is in large part to the fact that H/R/Hr are nice to him, but I think another equally large reason is he was able to tell the story of what happened to Regulus. Figure he's been carrying that around with him for years, but because Regulus said he couldn't tell any of the family he was never able to unburden himself. Hermione has always been nice to him, but it wasn't until he was able to tell what happened to Regulus and he got a little piece of his missing master that he quick being such an asshole. It doesn't mean Sirius & co were right to be jerks to him before, but I don't know that being super nice would have made quite that much of a difference.

The Ministry chapters were SO STRESSFUL.
Not only do you have H/R/Hr having to polyjuice** to try to steal the locket from Umbridge (who would never have it in the first place if MUNDUNGUS WASN'T SUCH A THIEVING ASSHOLE. Sorry, this section has me shouty. Because of the stress) but then they accidentally polyjuiced someone whose wife is being tried for being Muggleborn. The whole courtroom scene was terrible. It was terrible to know this was happening at all and terrible to know that H/R/Hr made it slightly worse for Mrs. Cattermole, since her husband wasn't there for her. Because they made him throw up so much it's a wonder he didn't die. Yes, they saved them in the end and that is what's important, but still. You realize not only how dangerous things are for them, but even without meaning to how they're putting other people in danger.

I like Phineas Nigellus (I think of him as Phinny. I assume he'd hate that. You know, if he were not fictional and all), ever since he told off Harry for being a pain in the ass when he was being a pain in the ass back in book five. I kinda like that they have him around, even if it's at least 50% arguing with him. Sure, maybe he's only showing up to talk to them and try to figure out where they are so he can tell Snape and Voldie can get them, but given his relationship with Dumbles I don't think so. And after all  he is giving them information about the goings on at Hogwarts. I don't understand why H/R/Hr (OK, let's be honest, just Hr cos you can't trust the others to come up with anything) don't have him ask questions and pass information to portrait Dumbles.

I had to re-listen to the Nagini attack at Godric's twice before I fully realized what was going on. How did I forget that whole scene? I thought Bathilda would have things to reveal about Dumble's and maybe even Harry's parent's pasts. That...that did not go as expected.

Could people please stop listening to Rita Skeeter after she's proven time and again that she writes just ridiculous and outright lies? I'm not even talking about people that haven't been directly attacked by Rita, but Harry, perhaps you have some insight into how much truth her writing contains.

A few thoughts about when Ron comes back, because that's the part I just finished listening to, and thus is fresh on my mind:
1. If Ron's reintroduction hadn't involved immediately saving Harry's life, you think we'd all be so happy to see him again? Cos I was super happy to see him again, but I feel like if he'd just shown up again my reaction would be been more Hermione-esque. Just seemed a bit manipulative, but of course JK is not above manipulating be via Ron. Remember Ron's poisoning last book.
2. When Ron's supposed to be destroying the horcrux and is instead standing there just listening to fake Harry and fake Hermione say mean things to him, how much did you want to strangle Ron? I couldn't help picture Harry sitting down in the snow going 'Oh for fuck's sake, if you're going to just stand there give me the damn sword." Maybe it's just the audiobook but this seemed to take forever.
3. How was Ron able to find Harry & Hermione? The Deluminator because magic. Shut up.

See you back here again in 2 weeks (BEA!) for more Deathly Hallows. I'm going to start stocking up on "I will never stop crying" GIFs in preparation.

*For others, please see any post regarding Sirius.
** Yes, I've verbed it.

Title quote from page 328

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