Friday, April 19, 2013

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince part 1. Still no title quote

Happy HP Friday, everyone. This is going to be another quick post as I’m still out of the country. I’m actually sitting in a bar in Galway typing this up right now. Or at least starting this post. Anyhooo

Thanks Alice for hosting this and thar be spoilers ahead.

So, I didn’t finish the reading this week. Or in my case, the listening. I think had I actually had the book itself instead of just the audio I may have finished it. I can listen to the audiobooks if I’m on the move, on a train or a plane or something. This week though I’ve had a lot less travel time, which means a lot less time to just sit and listen to the story. I’m doing well this week.

Also I’m still angry at JK at this point cos of the whole ending to OotP. Which is roughly how I remember the reading going the first time around. How was it for those that had to wait for the 6th book to come out? I read 3-7 straight through so I didn’t have any time in between to speculate about what would be happening or really come to terms with the (SUPER AMBIGUOUS I STILL DON’T BELIEVE IT) death of Sirius. Of course that does mean even this time around I get all choked up whenever Harry gets choked up about Sirius’s death and then everyone’s sad again.

But at least this time Dumbles has realized maybe keeping Harry in the dark is a bad idea and has started letting him in on details. Plus this means more scenes with Dumbles and I love the way he had the glasses of brandy? whiskey? whatever smacking the Dursleys in the head when he was hanging out there waiting for Harry to get packed.

Then they go try to talk Slug-man into coming out of retirement. I did like his disguise and also the fact that he's just breaking into random Muggles homes to hang out there, which is creepy. And he says pompous things about all the amazing people he has inspired, but it's nice to see a Slytherin that isn't awful to the core.

Back to the Burrow and we learn that Arthur's private nickname is Mollywobbles (or that's what it sounded like) and that's adorable.

Oh and Fleur's hanging out, saying awful things even though it doesn't sound like she means to and maybe the others should be a little nicer to her or maybe tell her to shut up a bit. Tell her to shut up nicely and maybe call her a berk a few times. Family relations, I will fix them.

Aaaand, that's as far as I've made it. Whoops. But I'll be all caught up for next week. Probable promises. Also I will be able to actually visit everyone else's blogs. I will dedicate Sunday to that. Or you know, I won't but I'll sure think about doing it.