Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Remember when I mentioned going to see Hamilton and that's why my HamAlong post was late? WELL, I wasn't going to say much more about it but then Alice asked me when I would be doing a post on the show and I just watched the Grammy's performance (aka, the only reason to watch the Grammys) and well, WHY NOT
Here's this pic again
Tom got me the tickets for Christmas and I'm not sure exactly how he got them but I've been telling people he sold a kidney for them, which he has yet to confirm or deny.

Part of me kind of wishes that I didn't already know all of the music because of course I kept noticing when the live performance was slightly different from the recording. Of course that would mean NOT listening to a ton of Hamilton and obviously that's not an option.

Since there's no way I'm going to come up with a coherent post, let's instead just do some bullets about the experience.

  • We were pretty far in the back BUT great view. However, these seats were not made for someone with legs as long as mine. And I am 5'4" so, yeah. Small children were meant for those seats.
  • I was SLIGHTLY bummed before seeing the show because Daveed Diggs was in Trinidad. Which I had known for a few days cos I'm a creep that follows a good chunk of the cast on various social media platforms and he'd been Instagramming his trip, which looked swell and all but maaaaan.
  • THAT SAID, the guy who played Lafayette/Jefferson (Andrew Chappelle) was pretty awesome and Tom couldn't understand why I wanted to see this other guy when the guy in the show was so good.
  • At least we have Leslie Odom Jr. in as Burr (who was sort of my first choice in "original cast member I really want to see") and did you know that he's amazing?

    • DD was number two, Lin-Manuel Miranda 3 and then I started just yelling every other cast member name while Tom just looked confused. He puts up with so much, but he gave me the gift so this kind of comes with the territory.
  • Aaron Burr is a lot funnier in the play than I had imagined. Some of it is the lines were said differently, other parts just come from seeing him act it out. And I am 100% behind this.

  • King George is also funnier than I thought. I mean, I knew he'd be funny ("Awesome, Wow!") but he was most definitely the funniest one on the stage and Tom's favorite character. He was sad after we won the war because that would mean no more (or very little) George.
  • Okieriete Onaodowan (I am looking at it and I'm still pretty sure I spelled it wrong and I'M SO RRY) as Hercules Mulligan, yes thank you. I appreciate all of his sound effects and the fact that he always has a flask in hand.
  • Pretty much whenever Hamilton, Laurens, Mulligan and Lafayette were together.

  • I thought, because I've listened to the soundtrack so often, that maybe I wouldn't cry through the end of the play. And then I started to tear up during Satisfied and I realized I have no chance.
  • Seriously though, Renee Elise Goldsberry, she is amazing.

  • Wait For It
  • After (just barely) holding it together in Satisfied I thought I'd be safe until Act II. Except there's a short song when Hamilton learns Laurens died and NOPE, no dry eyes there. DAMMIT.
  • Intermission comes and Tom and I decide to stretch but basically stay in our seats. I then spend most of intermission texting Alice about bad fanfic. Then suddenly the lights were just OUT and Burr was back on stage. Seriously, no warning. People were still making their way back.
  • Even having seen videos of Jefferson's performance, I was not prepared for how amazing it is. Every step is wonderful and hilarious.
  • Everything about the Cabinet Battles

  • Burr is so dramatic in The Room Where It Happens. It's so good and I feel so bad for him.
  • Yes, they do just have Anthony Ramos play a small child despite being a full grown man. And it's adorable to watch Phillipa Soo beatbox.
  • Philip Hamilton, you are quite a fox.
  • Constant crying from Blow Us All Away through It's Quiet Uptown. But you can hear everyone else in the theater crying too, so SAFE PLACE
  • Get a little break from the tears until Best of Wives and Best of Women and then you're just screwed until the end.
  • The bows were very quick. Everyone together, real quick
And now off to a late dinner reservation and I will entertain Tom with tons of Hamilton trivia learned from the book. Because again, he signed up for this.

And yes, I am looking to see it again. Because it's super amazing. Obv.