Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas Part Due: ALL THE FOOD

This year for Christmas we decided we would host. Not only that, but we would host both families. There were about 15 of us in total because go big or go home. We don't have enough seating for 15. Nor did we have enough plates or cutlery but NO MATTER. This all means I've spent a good portion of the week planning and prepping. Wanna take a look at the menu? Of course you do.

Baked brie (which ps, is an easy thing to make and looks super fancy so recommended)
Guacamole & Chips
Egg Rolls (frozen, so can't really take any credit here)
Crab Crostini things (also frozen, no credit, but hey, they were easy)
Rib roast (they told us we'd need 8 ribs for how many people we were having. We got 4. We have more than half left. That butcher was full of it. Or assumed meat would be the ONLY thing we were eating)
Salmon filet with herb butter
Slow roasted root veggies (carrots, parsnips, red onions, sweet potatoes)
Baked ziti (gotta have a kid-friendly option)
White rice
Green beans with almonds, shallots & garlic
Cresent rolls (I did all that cooking so no time to actually bake)
THEN my mom helped out and brought
Scalloped sweet potatoes (everything's better with cheese)
Herb mashed potatoes
Gravy (but in a jar cos listen, I had enough to do that making homemade gravy was not on that list. I did fancy up the gravy by adding some fresh herbs & pan drippings)
Chocolate chip and M&M cookies (cos I ran out of choco chips 1/2 way through but found a jar of red and green M&Ms someone had given us so, problem solved)
Soft ginger cookies
That was officially the end of the dessert I was bringing to the table (see food above) so others brought
Ice box cannoli cake (my mom)
Amaretto pound cake (also my mom, on top of the potatoes)
Bread pudding (Tom's dad)
SO MUCH FOOD and so many leftovers because I am terrible at figuring out the correct amount of food to make. It was a very tiring but very fun day.

This post isn't really bookish, I just wanted to go on about all this work I did cos I need validation.

Tom did get me the best gift as it was: a $10 bill, the Chernow Hamilton biography and TICKETS TO HAMILTON
Rough estimate of my reaction
Tom is again master gift giver and I'd like to think that part of MY gift to him is the fact that he will always beat me in gift giving. (I mean, I didn't do TOO shabby. I got him an authentic world series Mets jersey. Sure, he sent me a picture of the exact one he wanted [after I had already picked one out and was about to buy it when he interrupted and ruined the surprise] but that's not the point). So here's the bookish-ish part of the post.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with lots of good food