Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wedding Update: Guestbook

Now that the big wedding decisions are pretty much done, I thought maybe I'd have less updates. Not that I was ever really on fire with these things. But while all of the big stuff is done, I feel like there will probably be more to say about the little details. At the same time, I don't want to talk about EVERYTHING here, lest there is nothing at the wedding itself that's a surprise for the few people I know IRL that also visit my blog.

So far I think the only things I really don't want to reveal here are my dress and my first dance song. The dress because I don't want BF+ to see it before the wedding day (though he's going to see it before the ceremony cos I want pics done first so I can enjoy more of this cocktail hour because mmmm food) and the first dance song because I enjoy people trying to guess it.

What I will tell you is our guest book idea. At least the current one.

See, at first we wanted to do a photo booth. They're fun and I'd love to have pictures of each person/group of people. The plan was people get their photos taken in the booth, they keep one copy of the photo strip and they glue the other down in a book and then they'll sign around it. Fun, right? Here's the thing. Photobooths are kind of expensive. And the space we're in isn't massive. They said they've done photobooths in there and it's been fine, but I fear it's going to be this thing in the way of the dance floor. So we decided to scrap that idea.

We could just do a book, of course. But eh. Seems boring and like something I'd never look at again. And if I won't look at it again, why should I make people sign it?

We thought about one of those thumbprint canvas art dealies. I like the idea of having a piece of art to hang up. Of course the downside (or upside, I guess depending on your view) is people can't really write anything. The idea is guests leave their thumbprint and...that's it. I guess some I've seen have people sign their name but no messages. Which can be fine but if people WANT to write a message they sort of...can't. I haven't ruled this idea out entirely, but it's plan B at this point.

Plan A is bookmarks. We'll print up blank bookmarks for guests to sign. This goes along with the (semi) bookish theme and more importantly, I get bookmarks. Which is actually why I thought of it. I was having trouble finding a bookmark, because I tend to leave them in books and can't always remember the last place I had it. I was likely also watching one of those TLC wedding shows and I thought I could just make everyone sign a bookmark and then I will be swimming in the things! BAM. Mom and I are looking for bookmark templates (which I'm pretty sure is just...a long rectangle? I don't know why bookmark templates are a thing) which we'll cut up. Now I need to think of somewhere for people to put the bookmarks once they've signed them. So they don't take them home. Which is FINE but sort of defeats the whole "bookmark guest book" idea. I'm thinking a shadowbox for people to put them in, but if anyone has any other ideas I AM OPEN TO THEM!