Monday, February 1, 2016

January Reading Wrap-Up

One month of the new year is down. How's the year treating everyone so far? Things have been fine over here, though we had that storm that dropped ALL THE SNOW on the east coast. Being trapped in the house (literally for awhile) meant I had a good excuse to sit around and read.
Yeah...not getting that door opened
Of course then the furnace that heats the bedrooms and bathrooms stopped working*. Then the power went out for a few hours, which made me frustrated and cold. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, things have been fine. And we have power and heat again so that's swell.

A good amount of my reading this month has been dedicated to the #HamAlong, so not getting that much reading completed. But let's see what I did manage.

Total books read
When To Rob A Bank by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner
Let The Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvest

Total pages read


Women authors
0% - whomp

White authors
100% - double whomp
US authors

Book formats
ebook - 100%

Where's the book from
Kindle - 100%


Review books

Blogger recos


Books by decade
2000s - 50%
2010s - 50%

Economics - 50%
Horror - 50%

Resolution books

Qualifications for a resolution book:
Written by a PoC
Written by someone not from the US
Published before 2000
Translated into English

Let The Right One In - author from Sweden AND it's a translation

Not great, but not too bad. Hamilton will at least get me a bunch of pages next month, if not exactly helping to improve my other stats.

*Luckily our downstairs is on a different furnace that was fine. We were without heat upstairs for a few days and thought we might have to buy a new furnace when luckily the guys figured out the vents were covered in snow. Once they were uncovered we had heat again, which made showering oh-so-much nicer.