Thursday, February 11, 2016

HamAlong post is a bit late

OK so I DON'T have my HamAlong post ready for today. I managed the reading but ran out of time to post. But I have a very good reason


If you're wondering YES IT WAS AMAZING AND THE BEST THING EVER and I sort of want to get in line and try to get tickets again. And by sort of I mean I was looking up more tickets as I walked out of the show.

That wasn't the only reason the post didn't happen. Cos originally I was thinking whatever, I'll write something the next day. And then instead the next day I met up with some people to do Harry Potter (books) trivia. Which I thought the Potteralong would have helped with but there were 0 questions about wizarding plumbing or how bad at math Rowling is and instead it was all "This charm was muttered once by a tertiary character in the background WHAT WAS THAT CHARM, SPELLING COUNTS!" type thing.

HamAlong Post VI: Hamilton fights EVERYONE (yes, even more than before) will be coming. Just a bit late.