Review Policy

Thanks for your interest in having me read and review your book. That's sweet of you and I'm flattered.

I sort of accept books to review. And by that I mean reviewing books in exchange for the book is not the purpose of my blog so it's something I only do sporadically when I don't have a bunch of other stuff on my plate AND the book sounds super awesome. Most of the books I review are ones that I purchased myself. I'm not into blog tours or interviews, though I'm open to contests/giveaways.

"Go on" terms
If you would describe your book using the following terms, I'd consider reviewing it:
Literary fiction
Dark humor
Christopher Moore-like
Jasper Fforde-esque

"Deal breaker" terms
If you would describe your book using the following terms, you and I should probably go our separate ways and I wish you the best of luck:
Young Adult
Power of the human spirit
Nicholas Sparks-like
Jodi Piccoult-esque

Now there's a chance you may see me review a book that could be described using one of those deal-breaker terms and be like "hey! I thought you said you didn't review that!" In case you do that, let me explain. I MAY read a book that can be described by those terms. I just won't accept a review copy of them.

Review requests
If your book does fall into the "go on" section, please send me an email at whatredread[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll let you know if I'm interested. I have a Kindle if you want to send me an e-copy. I can't promise a positive review but it will be my honest thoughts, so there's that. If you have a particular time frame you want the book reviewed in, let me know in the email but know that means I probably won't review it as I tend to read based on my mood, not a deadline. That said, I won't accept a book to review if I know I can't get to anytime in the (relatively) near future so I won't wait years to review it or anything.