Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Reading Stats

March is over. I'm a pretty big fan of March cos, you know, my birthday and all. Pretty good reason to love the month, I'd say. And I did pretty good with my reading stats, which is nice because this year hadn't been going to good for me reading wise. Whatever reading slump I was in I think I've moved past it and I have some books coming up I'm pretty excited about. But let's see how March went

Number of books read

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill
Clay's Ark by Octavia Butler

OK, so there's a lot of Butler. I'm working on her Pattermaster series but I'm counting them each separately because shut up, I do what I want.

Total pages read

Percentage of fiction

Percentage of female authors
60% - sure it's all the same female author, but still

Percentage of white authors
40% - Go, Butler, Go!

Percentage of US authors

Percentage of ebooks
100% pretty sure this is the first time this happened

Percentage of re-reads

Percentage of review books

Books written by decade
1850s - 20%
1970s - 20%
1980s - 40%
2010s - 20%

Books by genre
Horror - 20%
Classic/FANCY novel - 20%
Sci-fi - 60%

The genres seemed more straight forward last month, although I still question what Bleak House should be categorized as. And even Butler's stuff is sci-fi but also other things.

Edit: Classic/Literature/FANCY novel. That's where Bleak House falls

Let's see how April goes. I have hope.