Sunday, March 30, 2014


This isn't a real post. This post is mostly to break up all of the Butler posts that are coming while I'm working my way through her Seed to Harvest series. Also just to let you know


I am slightly in denial about my birthday though. Well, not about the day and having people celebrate me. I'm all for that. More of the whole getting older thing, because at some point someone is going to expect me to be an adult. And for whatever reason I decided 30 is when you're an adult. And now I'm 30. And...shit.

Unless of course I wake up and suddenly things start just making sense. That would be neat.

I realize this is late and I probably should have posted something first thing in the morning (my birthday is today, the 30th). But clearly that didn't happen. I've spent my birthday weekend mostly eating, which is my favorite way to celebrate anything. I also celebrating with some bookish things. My brother got me World War Z, which I realize might be confusing as I've read it twice, but both times I borrowed the book from him and he refuses to just give it to me. So now he got me my own copy. Then Boyfriend+ and I decided to spend my actual birthday in the city and OF COURSE that meant we also went to The Strand. I picked up Max Barry's Lexicon because I saw it's finally in paperback. And then I was thinking I should try another graphic novel and what is sitting by the register as I wait in line? Alison Bechdel's Fun Home. Good times. 

AND, to further celebrate my birthday and do something book related, I think I'll do a giveaway. Lucky you. I decided to pick some of my favorite books. If you want any of them, leave a comment with your email and I'll pick a winner and then, hey, you get a book! I'll leave this open until...let's say Thursday. Thursday is your last day to enter and I'll post the winner...I want to say Friday. I'll aim for that. So, YOUR BOOK CHOICES

Good luck and happy birthday to me.