Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm a winner!

Back in March I won Kayleigh's giveaway of Ryu Murakami's In The Miso Soup along with a bunch of goodies from her trip to Japan which was SUPER EXCITING! The package finally got here. Or rather it got here on Monday but since I was not home to sign for it, I had to wait until Saturday to pick it up from the post office. But that has happened and now I have it and everything is wonderful. Wondering what it included? Of course you are!

Look at all the treats! There's so much chocolate here.

There's the book. Obviously.
A GORGEOUS origami bookmark from the Sapporo museum
Cookies & cream panda Pocky
There were 2 of the Cadbury Marvelous Creations eggs but I ate one immediately. In part because I can't control myself. In other part because the package was sitting in the car for awhile and while you can't tell in the picture, that other egg is entirely melted. The other was worse so I HAD to eat it. 
That cute bear tin ALSO full of chocolate
Yubari melon candies that are from a melon only grown in that area so suuuper fancy
Green tea and sakura blossom Kit Kat which I am totally not sharing with anyone. Sorry, Boyfriend+
Lil' origami fish
A white rabbit Alice in Wonderland sticker
Things that look like match books but are actually MORE CHOCOLATE. As the package says "Not flammable, but eatable" 

Kayleigh, thank you! This is awesome. And I can feel myself coming down from the first sugar high, so I should probably have some more candy.