Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wedding Update: Table Names Discussion

It was almost a year ago to the day that I asked you for help coming up with literary couples for table names. First, having a long engagement and thus a long time to plan the wedding is great. Much more relaxing than a rushed deal, if TV depictions of wedding planning can be believed.

Second, as we're now coming closer to the wedding I was narrowing down the list to come up with the ones we'll use and start figuring out the important details. Like which table Boyfriend+ and I will be sitting at. I showed Boyfriend+ the list of names and he wasn't happy. He doesn't know most of these couples, why would he want to sit at their tables. Actually he said he knew NONE of the couples, except for the fact that that was a lie, but he was making a point. I guess. So we tried to come up with a few other couples. Here's roughly how that convo went

B+: I don't know, like, any of these couples. Can't you pick someone from a book I've read?
A: Like who? Do you know how hard it is to come up with couples that don't die horribly? 
B+: What about Odysseus and Penelope?
A: Oh you mean the couple that's RIGHT THERE ON THE LIST? I told you I had couples you knew.
B+: Well they're not in your top tier couples. But fine. Let's see, what are some books I've read. Umm Great Expectations?
A: Would you like Estella and Pip or Miss Havisham and her husband that left her at the altar? 
B+: Havisham and her moldy wedding cake.
A: Great. So what else you got?
B+: The Grapes of Wrath? The Joads?
A: Sure. Why don't we go with the woman that gave birth to the still born baby and then breast fed the old man?
B+: True romance. The Catcher in the Rye? We can do Holden Caufield and the hooker.
A: Am I a hooker in this scenario? 
B+: Fine. Let's see, I read Rules of Attraction and...
A: NO! Moving on.
B+: This is hard. Maybe we need to look at movies. Marty McFly and, what was his love interest's name?
A: The girlfriend they left in the dumpster at the beginning of the second movie, or his mom?
B+: They're both such good choices.

We did eventually find a book couple that really does represent us, one that we've identified with for awhile. Calvin & Hobbes. Perhaps not a romantic couple, but a pretty great one. I'm Calvin in this relationship because of course I am. 

I think we have it all worked out now, but we shall see. Perhaps we'll come up with some more couples that aren't terrible and are from books we've both read.