Monday, March 3, 2014

February Reading Stats

I was going to start this post like I start all of my monthly recap posts: with shock about how fast time has gone. Except that's boring and also February's short so there really shouldn't be too much shock about that. Also I just did start the post the same way. Good for me.

I did slightly better in terms of number of books read, although way worse in terms of pages. Actually, this is the fewest pages I've read in a month in the last few years. The fact that I've read over 75% of Bleak House this month BUT haven't finished it yet (thank you again, Alice, for spreading this readalong out a bit more) means a lot of the pages aren't getting counted. But I looooooooved the three books I did read this month so I'm still happy with how things are going.

Now, the stats

Number of books read

The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa

Total pages read

Percentage of fiction

Percentage of female authors

Percentage of white authors
66% - WOOOO (always happy when I can manage this, even if I completely failed at reading a black author during black history month. And I have a Butler just waiting for me. Whoops.)

Percentage of US authors
33% - I don't remember the last time US authors were in the minority.

Percentage of ebooks
33% - which is odd, considering how many ebooks I recently picked up

Percentage of re-reads

Percentage of review books

Books written by decade
2000s - 66%
2010s - 33%

Books by genre 
Rom com - 33% (Also hilarious)
Humor - 33% (Also literary, what with all the Shakespeare)
Literary fiction - 33% (this is pretty accurate just as lit fic, although I feel like it's sort of cheating with the genre.)

Genre is getting harder and harder to determine for a book. This is why bookstores just put all of their fiction together. Otherwise things just fall into so many categories. But I'm going to keep it up. And maybe just focus on making ridiculous shelves over on Goodreads.