Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wedding plan update: A ramble

I knew I hadn't been writing about wedding planning stuff for awhile. I didn't realize just HOW long ago it was until I went through my posts. March 24 was the last wedding post, asking for help coming up with names for a bookish centerpiece. Well. Shit.

In case anyone would like an update from that things are...well, not much further along than they were back in March. But now I'm at the point where the wedding is less than a year away, so I probably need to start making decisions. Something I am awful at.

Here's what we have figured out so far:
Venue! - This is really the most important thing, at least in mind. Regardless of what else happens we have a location that will feed us and give us liquor. Everything else is a bonus.
Wedding dress - Yup, that's done. That one has been done for awhile. I think that should be coming in some time soon? Maybe? Probably something I should follow up on.
Bridesmaids' dresses - Hey, even this is done. Almost. I mean, I picked out one I liked and 2 out of the 3 bridesmaids were there to try it on. So we'll consider it 2/3rds done.
Officiant - All set! Unset. Did you know in the states of NY, FL, and VA a federal judge can't marry you? NY, do you really want to do the same thing Florida is doing? Think about that. No ship captains either. So I guess we need to figure this one out again. Dammit.

So that's pretty much it. We're looking at photographers and DJs now. We went to this bridal showcase and...I just don't think I'm cut out for these things. There was a lot of eye rolling on my part. I can't help myself. We have appointments set up, people to be met with, and hopefully decisions will be done soon. Then it's onto the next thing which, according to this wedding checklist. Also a lot of the items on this list tell me I should "envision" things, like the flowers and type of music and things like that. I think they put those on there so I can feel accomplished checking more things off. Nevermind all of the items on this to-do list that have big exclamation points next to them cos I haven't chosen the bridal party yet. (My side is done. Boyfriend+ is taking his time. I figure I'll find out who all is included on the wedding day.)

I was going to ask those of you who have done the whole wedding thing about how long it took you to get your album*, but actually I've been looking over the laws for getting a marriage license and holy hell, are there a lot of details. Here are some fun facts about getting married in NY state (NYC is a whole new can of worms that I'm not even going to bother with but let's just say, I'm happy NYC was out of my price range for a wedding)

Did you know some states apparently require a physical before getting married? NY does not and that's good cos I'm not forking over a blood sample. Not for any reason that I think I'd fail, or that my DNA will show that I'm actually on the run after committing a series of bank robberies in Nevada** or something. Just, screw you, you don't need my blood for this.

Did you know you can get married at 14 in NY? Cos apparently, you can. You need written consent from parents plus a Supreme Court or family court judge, but still.

You can't your marry a parent, sibling, aunt, or uncle. Cousins are cool though, apparently

NY kicks ass in letting you choose what you want your last name to be Some states *cough*Florida*cough* say that only the lady can change her last name. And you can change your name whenever you feel like it, although your marriage license will say whatever you go with at the time. I plan on having a different post about figuring out last name, but I've already babbled about other things so I'll save that for it's own.

No ship captains I don't really know what this means other than a ship captain can't officiate a wedding happening in NY state. If you were to get married not in NY (and thus have a license from somewhere else) and the captain officiated that, you'd be fine. I think.

I apologize for the fact that this post is all over the place. Next time, I'll do a post about one wedding topic. Probably that name thing. And there will be less of a lag time between posts. Hell, these posts might pick up as I get closer and closer to the wedding and have stuff to report on.

*I sorta still asked that question, so if you have an answer, I'm all ears. I'm trying to figure out if the ranges people are telling us are totally reasonable or holy hell, what is taking so long?
**I may have been watching too much Unsolved Mysteries lately