Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another wedding update? So soon? Whaaaa?

I know, I know, can you believe it, another wedding post? Not one about last names like I mentioned last week cos I need to give that more thought. Or actually, I've given it a lot of thought, but I haven't starting writing anything about it yet, and it's probably something I want to give some time to. Except I just realized the show Cutthroat Kitchen is on OnDemand, so yeah, that's what I'm doing instead.

Instead, here's another mashup of random thoughts!

Vendor contracts
Whenever I google questions to ask various wedding vendors one of the questions that keeps popping up is "Will I have a written contract?" which...what? Yeah, I better get a written contract. I want everything in writing with both parties signatures that maps out everything: what's included, what's the cost, what are additional fees, what are the contingency plans. Who wouldn't provide this? Who wouldn't expect this?

Asking about contingency plans is apparently also an unusual question. But seriously vendor, what's your plan if things don't go well? And no, I'm not talking about between me and Boyfriend+. What will you do if your equipment fails? If you get sick? I think we're like the buzzkills of this process. I mean these aren't the only questions we're asking, but are they really that out of the blue?

Wedding albums
Loni and I were going back and forth in the comments of the last post about wedding albums, so I figured I'd open this up to anyone else who may know. So wedding albums. Is this a normal thing? And I don't mean albums like you'd get for scrapbooking, where you just slide pictures in those plastic sleeves or pasted on pages. Everything I've seen so far in this wedding process has included these wedding albums where the pages themselves are the photos. You work with a photographer to design the album (picking photos, backgrounds, format) and then the thing is all bound. Is this a new trend? Maybe it's specific to Long Island?

I also realized when thinking about these albums that I've never seen a friends wedding album. Not that I expect there to be a slideshow or anything, but I realized when I was trying to figure out if these wedding albums I've been seeing are a new thing that I've never seen a friend's album to compare.

The most important wedding vendor
Obviously every vendor we talk to says they're the most important part of the night. Of course they do. They say "Oh I'm not saying this because it's my business" but yes, yes you are.

Really in my mind, food & drink is number one. Well that and the venue cos you have to have somewhere to do the drinking and the eating.
Then comes photography cos that's the part you're going to have forever.

After those two, I'm less sure of what would come next. DJ? Maybe. I do think the music is important. Of course I've been to a wedding that was a lot of fun where they just used an iPod.

The dress? Sure, I love my dress, but that's sort of something just for me. Or mostly for me. Given the popularity of all the TLC dress shopping shows other people like to look at it too. Of course the photography is pretty much just for me too, so I guess that's not a great reason. The dress is the first thing I got, so that says something to the importance.

Flowers? I like flowers. If I couldn't use flowers at the wedding or something I'd be OK. It helps that there's a lot of flowers at the venue.

Bridesmaids dresses? I want people to be comfortable,  I want them to look good, I want them to look like they're part of the wedding, but top importance? eeehhh

What do you think?