Friday, September 27, 2013

What do you do with multiple copies of books?

Do you ever find you have multiple copies of the same book? Maybe you forgot you already had a copy? Maybe you're combining bookshelves? Maybe you just REALLY like that story and feel the need to have all the copies?

I was sitting on the floor near one of our bookshelves the other day, scanning the shelves with Boyfriend+'s books, and I saw some of his Shakespeare. Because like me, Boyfriend+ can't throw out any of his books, including those he bought for class. And I realized we have a LOT of copies of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Then I started going through to find what other books we had multiple copies of. Here's some of what I found.

6 copies of Midsummer.
This is mostly my fault. I have a problem.
From top to bottom we have:
-Boyfriend+'s copy from the Folger Library*
-A copy in both English and Italian. Because why not
-An Arden copy, which my Grandmother got me for my 14th birthday (I don't have that good of memory but she wrote Happy Birthday and the date on the first page)
-A copy of The Complete Comedies
-A Complete Works that one of my university classes made me buy because she insisted we couldn't use smaller books. I used smaller books the entire semester. TAKE THAT, SOCIETY
-A First Folio copy my good friend got me when he visited London. (I've since acquired As You Like It and Hamlet as well)

2 copies of The Great Gatsby
Or 3 if you consider we also have a poster made up of the text of the book. Plus Boyfriend+ and I each have the same copy. And neither of us our willing to give up "our" book.

4 copies of The Odyssey
2 are Boyfriend+'s. 2 are mine. I had a professor insist we buy a specific version for his class but I already owned one. And in all fairness, I liked that translation better than the one I already owned, so fine. I don't know why he has so many.

2 copies each of The Iliad and The Aeneid 
We each have our own copies of these 2. And I swear I had a different version of The Iliad at some point. But I can't find it so maybe 2 1/4?

3 copies of Shades of Grey
Not 50 shades. This is the Fforde book. We don't know how many shades. Just more than one.
This was the second book I bought on my Kindle because I wanted to read it RIGHT NOW. And then I found a paperback copy on sale and I really wanted a copy for my shelf. And then my friend (he who bought me Midsummer cos he knows me really well) found a hardback copy on sale and picked it up for me.

And now I have a copy FOR YOU! He actually gave this to me awhile ago so I could do this giveaway except then I couldn't figure out a reason for giveaway post. I have a tendency to forget birthdays, including blog birthdays, so that didn't happen. I haven't read any new Fforde to use that as an excuse. I thought about just giving it away and then never wrote that post either. But now this is a good excuse!

So this is open to anyone. Just leave your name and email address in the comments and, in a week? Let's say a week, I'll randomly pick a winner!

*I actually really like their copies. If you're looking for Shakespeare, I recommend these guys