Sunday, October 21, 2012

Destination Weddings: Yay or Nay?

In terms of actual wedding planning, we're no further along than we were last update. Well that's not true, in that I do have an appointment for wedding dress shopping in a few weeks. Right now it look like the whole wedding is going to be planned around the dress. Assuming that's the first thing that gets figured out. That's the way people normally do this planning, right?

In the meantime I wanted to get opinions from people about destination weddings. What do you think of them? At what point does a wedding count as a destination wedding?

What makes  a wedding a destination wedding? Do you have to go out of the country for it? Do the bride and groom have to be the ones to travel?  Is it only a destination wedding if EVERYONE has to travel? This doesn't really have anything to do with actually planning the wedding, just something I was curious about. I've traveled to Arizona for a wedding, but the bride and groom lived there, so not really destination. I've also traveled to New Hampshire for a wedding, which I wouldn't really consider a destination wedding, although I, the bride & groom, and most people had to travel for it.

Regardless of what might technically count as a destination wedding, what do you think of them? Would you skip it if you were invited to a destination wedding?

Obviously there are additional costs. You have to get to the location. And pay for a hotel. Which are things you may need to do for non-destination weddings (I had to do for both the AZ & NH weddings). But I guess the assumption is it would cost more?

There may be additional time off work, depending on how far away the place is and when the wedding is.

On my end it is more difficult to plan things if the location isn't nearby. OR it's way easier, cos I just tell someone at the location "you do it". So that can be good or bad, depending on how much control you want over the little details. I would like someone to just do it all for me, so this goes in the "plus" column.

Other than this I guess I don't really know the pros and cons for a destination wedding versus a local one. Clearly I'm doing a bang up job with this whole wedding planning thing. So yeah, if you have any insights, please share.