Friday, October 12, 2012

How many books do you read at once?

How many books do you read a time?
I usually only do one book at a time. I am not the best at keeping stories straight so I try to stick to one story, finish it and then move on. But right now I'm reading not one, not two, but THREE books. This has the potential to go very badly.

First up, I'm reading The Grapes of Wrath for Laura's readalong. Now because for a readalong we're suppose to read up to a certain point. And to make sure I don't confuse myself with my posts, I make sure to only read the assigned chapters before writing my stuff. So I NEED another book to read.

Next, I'm reading Ad Nomad by Eric Jay Sonnenschien. It's a book I agreed to read and review. And it's long. And I'm just over halfway through but I need a break from it. I will hold any other comments about it until my review, when I've finished it, but I was reading it the other day and decided I needed something else for awhile.

So finally, I'm reading The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt. I've wanted to read this for awhile. Pretty much since Meg, Alice, and Laura went on and on about the AMAZINGNESS of this one. So when Amazon had it on sale for Kindle at $2.99 I HAD to buy it. So, yeah.

I just realized I'm lacking in scary reads for the month. I will need to get some Stephen King or something on my to read list. Which means I need to get it together and put together a list of how I rate the King I have read, so Laura can make a recommendation for me, which she so kindly offered to do. And which I WILL get to. Soon. Soonish.

Anyway, I'm hoping I don't go mixing up plots and characters from these three books. Although so far I think it'd be funny if there was any sort of cross over. Or at least if any of the Joads or Charlie and Eli showed up in Ad Nomad. I'm sure that would end up with wacky shenanigans. Or violence and depression. Either way.

On a slightly related note, Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates is also currently on sale for the Kindle. I've never read any JCO before. Brenna said this isn't a favorite Oates for her so I'm wondering if maybe I skip it until I try one of her other books first. Or maybe I just start with this one cos a) SALE and b) it's called Zombie and I know, it's not about a zombie in the typical sense but still. Horror-y so good for the season. Thoughts?