Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Book Review Page

I was feeling ambitious/bored yesterday and put together a Book Archive page.  I'm sure many of you* are dying to get a look at all of the books I've written about but using the search button is a pain and looking through the blog titles in the other archive isn't all that helpful.  So to help you (and me) out I put together this page to track all of the books I've written about and links to the articles.  I may even add images to this page but I got distracted last night (damn you Tosh.0) and didn't get around to it.  I hope if you actually did want to see all of the books I've talked about that this is helpful.  And if it's not let me know and I'll either fix it or tell you to go look up "sad trombone".

Oh Hey! More Archives.  Exciting

*By many of you I mean me.  I'm sure you aren't actually combing through old posts trying to see what other brilliant thoughts I've shared.  Also, I know Blogger has the "tagging" option but I thought this was easier.  Until I need to actually maintain this page.  Plus I have a lot of ridiculous tags.