Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Meme Where I Talk About Myself

Kerry over at Entomology of a Bookworm tagged in a game of, well...tag.  (It's my way with words that keeps you coming back, isn't it?) I've been trying to avoid these type of memes recently but, what can I say, I like talking about myself.  It's the one topic I can discuss with full confidence.  But because I'm sure many of you don't actually care, I figured I'd post this over the weekend when most people aren't checking blogs.  Especially Halloween weekend.  Anyway, onto tag

So the rules say I need to link to the blogger who tagged me (done!), answer the questions honestly (we'll see. I won't outright lie anyway) and tag 4 other bloggers.  OK so this last step I won't do because what if there is someone that doesn't want to play but I tag them and then they feel like they have to or I'll stop following them (I know my approval rules most people's decisions)?  So instead I'll say, if you feel like it congrats! You've been tagged.  If you don't want to, that's cool too.  You're a less vain person than me.

Four Things in My Handbag
  1. iPod Touch and iPod Shuffle.  Why both? Cos clipping the little shuffle to my clothes is far easier on my commute than making sure my Touch doesn't fall to the bottom of my bag and rip my headphones out.
  2. Wallet, since my purse is essentially a vessel for holding this thing.  It's huge and heavy but pretty so I keep using it. 
  3. Keys. I'm always paranoid I'll forget these and get locked out so I have them on a huge lanyard from college that gets tangled in all the other things in my bag, but makes it really easy to find them.  It also has a New Jersey bottle opener on it so win.
  4. Book. Currently it's Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories.  The fact that I keep a book in my bag at (almost) all times is the reason I avoid hardbacks.  So if Fforde and Bryson would like to hurry up and push their latest pieces to paperback, I would be most appreciative.
 Four Favorite Things in My Bedroom
  1. Bed. As it stands my bedroom is very small so the bed takes up about 85% of it.  It's not that I think this bed is the best ever but I do love sleep.
  2. TV/DVD/VCR I like to fall asleep to something but I don't have cable hooked up in my room, so I've been watching DVDs.  I recently finished re-watching the entire Critic series and 1 disc from the Simpsons season 8 with my favorite episode "You Only Move Twice".  I'm now onto watching the Planet Earth series.
  3. Window AC. I don't know why it's been hot and humid in Boston recently, but my window AC at least makes sleeping possible.  I'm pretty sure that's how an army of mosquitoes has been getting in, but seeing as I have no where to store the AC if it's not in the window, it'll stay there and I'll just keep blasting the window with bug spray.
  4. My dresser I had some trouble coming up with the last item and this is essentially the only other thing in the room.  But I do appreciate that it holds some of my clothes. The rest are down the hall in a closet/room off the living room.  (By the way, there is a good chance this closet is larger than my room, but I don't want to depress myself by actually measuring and finding out that is true.) And keeps my TV at eye level.
 Four Things on My Desk
  1. My Computer The only desk I have is at work so I'm just naming stuff on there and surprise! It has a computer
  2. Drawings, doodles, cutouts. It looks like kindergarten art class projects have vomited all over my desk. When Co-Worker was here we would make drawings for one another so in between post-its with important phone numbers I have a drawing of a duck eating Sun Chips and a giraffe flying a WWII plane.
  3. Cheap Decorative fan I won it at this amazing place called Good Time Emporium that has since shut down to make way for an Ikea.  Now I love Ikea but I also love a place where I can play skee ball, laser tag, pool and drink all in one super sketchy location.
  4. Drink containers I currently have 1 reusable water bottle, one bottle of sparkling flavored water, 2 foam cups from Dunkin, 1 plastic cup from Dunkin (I need to throw out), an empty water bottle (also needs thrown out) and an over sized coffee mug that needs washed.  I am not a particularly neat person apparently.
Four Things I've Always Wanted to Do (but Haven't Yet)
  1. Move to Seattle This is actually a relatively new thing, but ever since I've visited I want to live there.  At least for a few years.
  2. Visit Australia/New Zealand   It looks so beautiful out there that I will get over the 25hour flight just to visit.  You know, and find the necessary funds to make the trip happen.
  3. Learn a foreign language fluently I took French for roughly 10,000 years from middle school through college but I still suck at it.  I'm far better at Italian but even that is barely passable now.  
  4. Figure out a long term career I change my mind a lot but maybe at some point I'll think of something I want to do for the long haul.  Owning a bookstore would be nice.
 Four Things I Enjoy Very Much at the Moment
  1. ABP's Pumpkin Soup Now if only the location over here would stop being lazy and start carrying it.  Fall's going to end soon people!
  2. Boots I have so many pairs but I still want more.  So pretty
  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Rocky Horror Picture Show My two favorite Halloween time movies. I should probably splurge and buy a DVD copy of Nightmare.  The VHS is getting worn down.
  4. El Guapo burrito from El Pelon I'm not eating one now but I suddenly got a craving. Might be a quest for the weekend.
Four Songs I Can't Get Out of My Head
  1. Electric Avenue by some guy that made an annoying song I read something that referenced this song the other day and now it's stuck in there
  2. New York, New York by Sinatra   Must have come on my iPod at some point.  That's the fun thing about listening to music during my commute.  I don't usually pay all that much attention to what's playing but I'll suddenly find myself humming some song.
  3. Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly Also came on the Shmuffle recently
  4. Time Warp from Rocky Horror It's just a jump to the left...
 Four Things You Don't Know About Me
  1. I love punk, ska and Broadway musicals My music taste is a bit schizo but it makes me happy.  And the American Idiot Broadway soundtrack is the perfect storm of those things I love. 
  2. I keep my nails painted at all times or else I bite them I bite them even when they are painted, but it is more of a deterrent.  And I'm not a big fan of red/pink/french manicure nails.  Recently I've been keeping them green but currently they're black
  3. I love Tosh.0  The show just consists of tasteless jokes and gross internet videos and yet I love it.
  4. I get Ebert's newsletter emailed to me weekly yet I won't read the review until I've seen the movie.  And then once I have seen the movie, I'll look up reviews elsewhere and won't usually go back through my email to see if the review is there.  It seems pointless yet I like getting them anyway.
 If you've made it down this far, congrats! I probably would have quit.  TL,DNR.  Happy Halloween!