Thursday, October 7, 2010

An eReader would come in handy right about now...

A couple months back (has it been that long already??) I wrote a post asking how can I choose what books to bring with me on my move and which to go down to Long Island?  This is a similar and only slightly less dramatic question: I'm going away for the weekend and how do I choose what books to bring?  Here's my conundrum

I have a couple long plane rides so I want a book (obviously).  I'm about 50 pages to the end of my current read,  which means I'll definitely need another book.  As you can see on my lil' bookshelf list on the left (assuming you're reading this when it's newly posted and not digging through the archives.  Pretty sure I don't need to worry about that...) I have 3 books on the list.  I'm almost done with Imago the 3rd book of the Lilith's Brood trilogy and then I have The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Full Frontal Feminism on the list.  I plan on reading GDT because it was picked for my book club.  Actually we're up to The Girl That Played with Fire , I just haven't read this one yet.  If it wasn't for book club, I don't know that I'd be reading this book. At least not right now.  The other book, FFF, I bought because I read a great review on a fellow book blog, one I promise to find and link to when I write its post.  It looks like it could be a quick read.  So do I:

1) Bring my current read and GDT, knowing I should read it for book club? 
2) Bring my current read and FFF, because FFF is the book I want to read next?
3) Bring GDT and FFF and just leave Lilith's Brood at home because I'm so close to the end it's silly to bring it with me?
4) Bring all 3 books, heavy suitcase be damned.

I know I'm asking you what I should do, but I guess I should say what would you do because I've already packed.  I went with #2 because I don't want to stop my book before finishing it and I want to read FFF and I thought it was silly to bring 3 books with me when I will be busy the majority of the weekend will likely not finish them all.  But what would you do in this situation?  Having an eReader right now would have really solved my problems.

Update!: I should have gone with option 4.  Those in the comments were right.  I ended up buying The Corrections by Frazen at the airport on my trip back.