Saturday, September 19, 2015

I should really pay more attention to web traffic

I was going to write a blog post about why I select whatever format (ebook, physical book, etc.) at any given point and I was looking for an old post I wrote about how I wasn't sure if I'd ever want an eReader (past me is so dumb) but I couldn't find it. So I decided "Google knows all. Let's ask it for the link to that post." I searched something along the lines of whatredread "should i buy" Kindle. Google did not turn up this post but instead turned up a Buzzfeed list 21 Things Men Should Never Be Ashamed Of.
Which...OK, that's odd. Then I look in the little description and my blog link is in there.

I click on the link and turns out Buzzfeed used one of the GIFs I use during our How To Be A Girl readalong in their list. Huh. Interesting. It's also on the Spanish version of that post.

So then I decided to just search "Whatredread" but that didn't turn much I didn't already know about. Instead I decided to start searching whatredread buzzfeed and see what turns up. Turns out that wasn't the only list.

A GIF from one of the Franzen readalong posts made its way onto a list of 20 Socially Unacceptable Things Everyone Wishes They Could Say and on a list of The 24 Completely Irrational Stages of Having an Internet Nemesis.

So there you go. I have no idea if that affected traffic. I probably should pay more attention to things like that. I feel like if some people at work read that last sentence they'll have a minor heart attack*.

Now I'll go back to trying to find that earlier post. Or, you know, not.

*Paying attention to web traffic is one of those things we're supposed to do.