Saturday, May 16, 2015

MInithon post the second

And the Minithon has come to a close. At least for me because I am bad at timezones and we made reservations for dinner before this thing was going to end. Whoops. So I'm doing a slightly mini-er version of the minithon, which is right in the spirt.

There was a mini amount of reading done. I have 80-ish pages left in The Passage and I gave up on Fool because there is WAY too much going on in To Be OR Not To Be. In one ending Ophelia decided to fight terrorists using a glider suit laced with knives that she designed. Straight out Shakespeare's subtext.

I ate my mini-bagels and mini-quiches and then more mini-bagels in the form of mini pizza bagels so really, minithon a success! I also watched some Portlandia which is really Tom's fault. But it's a bunch of sketches, which are like mini episodes, so it was nice of him to keep with the theme.

Hope everyone's minithon was a success! Thanks again, Tika. A great time as always