Saturday, May 16, 2015

Are you ready to MINITHON???

It is once again time for a minithon, the perfect readalong for those of us with commitment/attention span problems who can't handle a full on readathon. (Also for those who CAN full on readathon and just want to play along because we're the best.) Thank Tika for once again hosting this internet shindig AND for getting up early for it.

Time for the eatings and readings
For once I actually managed to plan ahead for this minithon, meaning I remembered it was happening a full day before and thus was able to go to the store and get a couple mini food items. LIKE MINI-BAGELS!!
I also made myself a cappuccino because I have an addiction. But also cappuccino = espresso (mini amount of coffee. Compared to drip anyway) and milk (in my case, skim milk, which is really/probably just water with a mini amount of actual milk in it).

I also picked up some mini-quiches because they seem like the PERFECT minithon food and also delicious. I'm also going to consume a not-so-mini amount of these sweet potato and cinnamon crackers. These are smaller than some other crackers I have in the house so, yeah, that counts.
I considered picking up a mini ham & cheese sandwich (that's what it was labeled) but it was like $4 and no, I will come up with ridiculous excuses for the food I eat instead of paying that for a tiny pre-made sandwich.

Oh right, books.
I'm currently finishing up The Passage by Justin Cronin and while that is very much NOT a mini book, it does take place in a post-apocalypse land where the human population is teeny tiny so MINI.

I also have on hand To Be OR Not To Be by Ryan North which is a choose-your-own-adventure Hamlet story, which makes it really a BUNCH of little stories. BAM!

Last up, I have an audiobook of Fool by Christopher Moore. Last minithon I realized how great audiobooks are for thoning (I can read AND tweet all at once) so I wanted to make sure I grabbed one of those. Plus all books are boxed up, so I'm working with a limited supply. The main character of Fool is called Pocket cos he's so tiny so THERE YOU GO. Though I did notice that I screwed up when I was loading the audiobook into iTunes and it appears some of the tracks didn't copy over properly. Which would be an easy fix if I knew which box the discs were packed in. Whoops.

Here we go!