Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Your lively talents would place you in the greatest danger in an unequal marriage

I just finished Pride and Prejudice and my happiness with the story was sustained through Part III when you finally see Darcy and Lizzy get together*.  Loose ends are tied up, people are paired off, happily ever after, etc etc. And there's the scene where Lizzy pisses off Lady Catherine. It's fantastic. Lady Catherine is a great character I'd never want to run into in real life, but man, is she fun to watch be a bitch. Since I don't have too much more I wanted to look at with the text itself, I figured I'd look at just a few of the plethora of book cover options.


1. Twilight-esque - If this wasn't associated with Twilight I think I'd like it more. I like the simple flowers against the black background, regardless of if it has anything to do with the book at hand. Hopefully some Twilight fans picked up the book and actually enjoyed it. And I can laugh at those that picked it up expecting something along the lines of sparkling vampires and were disappointed.
2. Ostentatious - OK, I don't actually think the room is that bad but wow that is a huge, overly decorated space. I'm just going to think of it as Rosings Park, Lady Catherine's place. I'm sure it could Darcy's as well, since that seems to be the style at the time. Not my favorite cover, kind of boring.
3. Lovely Ladies - My copy of Sense & Sensibility has this type of cover. Not my thing but there are a million cover options for P&P that have the same style artwork as the cover, so obviously some people like it. It's not my aesthetic style, not what I picture Jane and Lizzy to look like (I assume that's who that is) and overall pretty dull.
4. Busy Wallpaper - I feel like this one is somewhere just past 2 and 3. It's along those lines, with a background pattern that would fit right in #2's room and it includes a couple portraits like #3, albeit in a more modern style. I like the styling more and I'm a fan of that pattern so getting better.
5. Burn-Your-Retinas Green - This is the cover I have, not because it's my favorite but because it was the cheapest copy at B&N. If I had my Kindle at the time I would have just gotten an e-copy. That said, I don't actually hate the cover because it is so green and so bright. 
6. Tim Burton-y - This is my favorite cover. It actually looks like this cover belongs on this cover, it's silhouette style, which was actually popular during the time the book was written and set, yet the style of Lizzy, Darcy, the trees, the house is very modern.

So which is your favorite or least favorite cover?  Is there another one you love or hate that I didn't include here?

*I'm sorry if that was a spoiler for anyone but it really shouldn't have been. Not even because of the age of the book. Seriously, you had to know how this was going to turn out when you started reading. The journey, not the destination, is the fun part.

Title quote from page 359