Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's my birthday!

My Shades of Grey post will be coming this afternoon but I'm in a loud mood this morning which means I wanted to share with everyone that it's my birthday. They say a lady never shares her age, but I looked up the definition of lady and I think I qualify for the label anatomically only, so I may as well tell you I'm 27. I also share because I look about 17, judging from all of the times and places I get carded. It's also my Grandma's birthday but as she is a lady I'll keep her age a secret.

To keep this post book related I wanted to share 2 things. 1 is a piece written by Dan O'Brien over at Ben from Dead End Follies posted a link to it on his site as well, but I want to make sure everyone sees it. It's called 5 Things They Never Told Us and it's really about all of the things you're never told while growing up about being an adult. Especially the "you don't become an adult, you just suddenly are one". Regardless of what it says, I'm still kind of waiting for some big moment where I go, "right, now I'm an adult."

The second thing is stolen from llevinso from Sarcastic Female Literary Circle, who also recently had a birthday. Here are some famous people who share my birthday with me. (Yes, it's my birthday that they're sharing with me. They can word it however they want on their own blogs.)
-Francisco Goya
-Vincent Van Gogh
-Anna Sewell
-Eric Clapton
-MC Hammer
Quality talent, indeed.