Monday, March 28, 2011

A Sunday Word Cloud...on Monday

I started off making fun of how pointless word clouds are. Form over function. But much like Twitter, once I start using it, I can't seem to stop. I've posted 2 word clouds in the past, but I've kept them on the weekend since I figured there were less people checking stuff on then. I was going to post something this weekend and obviously I didn't. I don't really have any excuse save for I was being lazy yesterday. I got a new phone so I was playing with that and then there were some really important things I needed to watch on TV, like the movie Runaway Jury and then The Simpsons and American Dad. See, important plans.

I'm just about done with Shades of Grey (92%! Thank you Kindle count) so rather than post in the middle I figure I'll just wait till the end since I'm almost there. I had a lot of train time this weekend so I got a decent amount of reading done. This also means I have nothing else planned to post so I thought I'd put the word cloud up here, pointless or not. You can always count on me for quality...

If you want to see it larger, just follow this link.

The cloud makes it look like I'm a more well-read author than actual. Thanks Radcliffe list! I see Hemingway and Fitzgerald showing up large enough for me to read even in the smaller version. I've never read any Hemingway (though I want to rectify that) and I've only ever read The Great Gatsby and even that was a few years ago. Otherwise I'm still not quite sure what to take from this, other than I should say "just" and "actually" a lot less.