Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lack-of-reading excuse

I feel like I've been slacking on my next Book Thief post but that's because I've been totally slacking on my reading.  Here's the deal: as I've mentioned 100 times, I recently moved.  I'm still in Boston but I'm in a new neighborhood which is closer to my work.  Hooray because that means instead of having to go 14 stops on the subway, I now go 5.  And there's a transfer in the middle which makes the whole ordeal seem less painful.  So while it's great that my commute makes me want to physically harm less people on a regular basis, it also leaves me much less time for reading. 

I'm still loving The Book Thief but I don't have my normal reading schedule and I've yet to get into a new reading schedule.  I have a couple trips coming up so I'll have lots of free time to read and hopefully I'll not only have my other Book Thief post completed but I'll also have a new book started.