Friday, August 20, 2010

Blog Hop VII

Once again it's Friday and time for the blog hop hosted by Crazy for Books.  This week's question is how many blogs do you follow?

According to Google Reader, I'm subscribed to 80 blogs.  Out of those I closely follow about 36 of them and the others I'll glance at the others to see if there's a topic that interests me.  Most of the blogs I follow are book blogs, usually found through this hop, and then a few are some random ones.  I try post weekly about other blogs that I enjoy that I think other people should check out, but I'm no good at keeping up with any sort of schedule so they're happening more sporadically now. 


  1. I found you through the Blog Hop and got all excited that you're local -- but I see you're moving! Anyway, hello from a Bostonish blogger (I'm in Watertown).

    I'm 'following' your blog, if you don't mind -- the last few posts of yours were great!

  2. Thanks for stopping by - and I'm sort of near Boston too (north though, Methuen actually)!

  3. Hi! Here from the Hop. I like your read hair---so pretty!

  4. Hi! I'm just stopping by from the hop... Have a great weekend! :)

    ~Book Obsessed

  5. Just hopping by to say, hi.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries

  6. Hopping by...great blog you've got here! I happily add my name to your list of followers. Good luck with the stuff split-up. I feel your pain-Boyfriend and I did the same thing last year when he moved to Ohio to get his MBA, and my job thingy kept me in Chicago. Hang in there!

    MJ @ MJ's Literary Odyssey

  7. Hi, hopping by from the Blog Hop.

    Hope you can hop by for a visit at LibraryCats Books.

  8. Hopping by...cute site.

    Following you now.


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