Thursday, August 26, 2010

Award Happy Dance!

Jo over at the blog Fluidity of Time has graciously passed along the Lovely Blog Award to me.  And again I do kinda think these awards are like blog chain letters but they're still wonderful and make me do little happy dances.  So here are the steps to this blog award

  • Accept the award (done!), post it on your blog along with the name of the person who granted you the award. (double done!)
  • Pass this award to 15 other blogs.  OK, so I'm not going to do 15 blogs but I am going to pass this on to other blogs I enjoy that I didn't mention with my previous award.
  • Contact the bloggers to let them know about the award (will do!)
  • Do happy dance.  It wasn't listed as a rule on Jo's blog, but I think it should be stated.  I'm sure it's an assumed rule, but assuming is never a good thing.
So now here are the blogs that deserve this award
Bookish NYC
English Major's Junk Food
Entomology of a Book Worm
Oh, Reckless Abandon
Pink Sheep Cafe