Monday, August 2, 2010

Bloggers you should know

Last week I followed up my Book Blog Hop post with post spotlighting some of the great blogs I follow and that you should check out. Crazy for Books is working on tweaking the current hop format so it's easier to find the blogs you're interested in but while she works out those details (and most likely after she makes the change as well) here are some more blogs that you should probably check out because I have deemed them awesome and I am obviously an expert in these sort of things.

The New Dork Review - It was the books that Greg reviews that intially caught my eye.  Like What You Read, I found this blog relatively early in my book blogging career when I was still wading through all of the YA and chick lit blogs.  His review for Tropper's How To Talk To a Widower was a breath of fresh air.  I still have that book on my to-read pile but I swear I will get to it.

The Tower of Stories - I would personally find it hard to write a blog that was specifically about any one genre or style of writing so I appreciate this blog dedicated to short stories.  When I'm not sure of what to read I like short stories.  They work well for me: if I don't like the story it's going to be over quickly and I can move on to the next tale.  I especially liked his review of the story "An Honest Exit" and the link so I could read the original story myself.

The Curious Reader - It was the blog entries about Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series and Shakespeare that drew me in.  It's easy to appreciate someone's tastes when they match yours, isn't it?  I love the tone and style she used and even if I disagree and happen to enjoy Titus Andronicus (because even with the classics I seem to be drawn towards the trashier examples) I think she makes a fairly convincing argument. 

I hope you check out the blogs above and find something you like!


  1. Alley ... ahem, a little love?


    (yeah, the damn Curious Reader is good, though)

  2. I really like Titus Andronicus too! I mean, it's not my most favorite Shakespeare play (King Lear is), but I do like it quite a bit.

    Great list, by the way - thanks for compiling a few great blogs for us.

  3. Paradoxus - well if you were a regular reader you'd notice I told everyone to check out your blog in my first check-out-these-awesome-bloggers list. So I see who my true readers are. Haha :)

    Shannon - I'm glad I'm not the only one to give Titus some love. It's not my favorite of his plays but I think it has more going than people give it credit for. And the ridiculous parts are truly ridiculous, which just make it all the more fun.


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