Friday, October 2, 2020

September Reading Wrap Up

Alright, so I didn't manage a second post in September. Just the August reading wrap up. The intention was there. Maybe after...I dunno November? Maybe then I'll be able to manage a bit more. Assuming everything won't happen so much everyday. I don't know why I'd assume that, considering that's basically how every day has been and of course look at the latest news. (Fun how this sentence is applicable regardless of when you read this. And by fun, I mean gives me stress headaches.) But let's focus on the happy stuff, aka reading.

I found a good strategy for reading this month: Put a bunch of books on hold from the library roughly 12 years ago. Forget about them. Have them all come in this month a few days apart. Even though I wasn't expecting them, realize if I don't want to wait until 12 years for them to become available again, I better get listening. Neglect other responsibilities (like perhaps, updating this blog more than once a month). Still don't manage to hit the most pages you've read so far this year but it's at least top 5. Realize it's top 5 out of only 9 months. That's not actually that impressive, is it? Further realize getting ANY reading done is cause for celebration. Get tired of this writing style. 

Moving on. Before I get into the reading stats for the month, here's a picture of the little monster in what he'll use as one of his modeling shots because WHAT is this pose? His hair looks like this because we shan't be visiting a kids haircutting place for a while. Even I haven't gone and I know I can be trusted to keep my mask on and not spend the whole time violently shaking my head back and forth. The same cannot be said for the small one. But anyway, the look is growing on me. I love those curls. So even when we can/do go get it cut, I'm all for keeping the mop.
But right, the stats.

Number of books read
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie
Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie
Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Way to Cure Everything by Lydia King & Nate Pederson
Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh
I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron

Number of pages read


POC authors

Female authors
(Technically one of the authors is a guy but my stat tracking cannot account for multiple authors on a single book and I could try to figure it out but I'm not going to. So. All ladies.)

US authors

Book formats
audiobooks: 80%
paperback: 20%

Where'd I get the book
Indie: 20%
Library: 80%



Decades published
1920s: 20%
1930s: 20%
2000s: 20%
2010s: 40%

Resolution Books
The two Christie books were each published before 2000 (ya know, cos she died in the '70s) and also she's a non-US author
Quackery is written, or at least partially written, by Lydia King, an Asian-American writer. Again, I'm not sure how to account for a book with two writers without doing lots of math to separate the % from the book total to the author total and I really don't feel like rebuilding spreadsheets.