Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Toronto, I visited you (part 2)

As I mentioned before, we recently visited Toronto because it's a swell city.

So our second day in the city (or really first full day), we did a tour of the island, the CN Tower, the zoo, but the day wasn't done yet. Well first up, I forgot to mention before going to the zoo we got bahn mis from Bahn Mi Boys and OH MAN, this might have been my favorite meal of the trip. I have no pictures of the sandwich. I typically forget to take pictures of my food cos I dive right in.

Anyway, so after the zoo we weren't done with the day yet. My FitBit was so impressed with me.

We took a quick nap ('twas necessary) before grabbing Thai food at Pai and heading off to see a Second City show. Again, no pictures from the show cos I'm not a jerk. Unlike the table of people that got kicked out for repeatedly yelling at the actors and when one of the actors made fun of them and told them (through a joke) to stop, one guy yelled "What are you gonna do about it?" Quality people, clearly. But ANYWAY, the show was fun and there were lots of sketches about how terrifying the world is cos laugh to keep from crying, y'all.

It was a long day and we slept very well that night, which was good cos there was so much more to do.

It was a rainy morning but luckily we planned to spend the morning at Casa Loma, aka this castle in Toronto that is featured in a bunch of movies such as Rocky Horror and Chicago.
After the castle we headed to The Stockyards for a BBQ lunch. Again, no pictures because food. But Tom and I split a fried green tomato BLT and a burger and they were EXCELLENT.

Since we didn't do enough walking the day before, we decided to make the 30 min walk from our hotel to the Royal Ontario museum because museums with dinosaur bones? Yes please. Of course, I mean, it's not all dino bones. There's also artwork from China and Egyptian mummies and lots of stuff. And we were only sort of too exhausted to really appreciate it. (We didn't actually fall asleep but may have come close.)
We walked back from the museum with a long break at a park to people watch before getting changed and heading out to dinner at El Local Loco for tacos. Such tasty tacos.

On our last full day we decided we really wanted to get some schwarma for an early lunch. Except our last full day also happened to be Easter so finding a place that was open was a bit of a challenge, but we managed to find something near Rogers Stadium. Oh, cos we were going to another game. Because, see, technically the first game didn't count cos we weren't actually in the stadium. Plus it was important we went to this game because they were giving out umbrellas and that was important.

The last stop of the trip was the aquarium.
After this we decided to have dinner at Marche which is basically a fancy food court, but the food was delicious and the people there were very nice when I spilled lemonade everywhere because I am super graceful all the time.

We wandered around for a bit before heading back to the hotel to pack (sigh) and head out the next morning, back to the real world. Thanks, Toronto.