Monday, August 15, 2016

Go listen to Witch, Please immediately

To paraphrase Raych: "Have you listened to the Witch, Please podcast yet, and if not, what are you even doing with your life?"
And thus was my introduction to this amaaaaaaazing podcast about Harry Potter, in which two academics discuss the books, the movies, and even other paratexts like the Lego Harry Potter video games. 

They talk about ridiculous things (Do wizards wear pants under their robes?) to serious things (Problematic depictions of the goblins) to the problematic (Hermione as a really bad ally to the house elves) and a billion other things in between. 
They are so funny and insightful and I have completely been neglecting all of my other podcasts (Sorry, Stuff You Missed in History Class) as I power my way through these episodes at every available moment.

Listening makes me want re-read all the books. And re-watch all the movies. So if anyone wants to get in on that, I AM HERE FOR IT!

If you like HP and you like academic discussions and in general you're an awesome person, check this out and then we can discuss and it will be wonderful.