Monday, June 22, 2015

Martian movie trailer: Trying not to get too excited (and failing just so miserably)

Remember The Martian by Andy Weir? My review is just a bunch of incoherent babbling about how much I loved loved LOOOVED the book. So news has been they would be making a movie out of it for awhile now. The trailer is out and I found out about it because my brother mentioned he saw it before Jurassic World. (I didn't get to see it before I saw JW and I'm a bit annoyed by this cos we saw trailers for a bunch of stuff that...I don't remember what it was but it all looked terrible.) So naturally I had to go find it and OH MAN, I AM EXCITED FOR THIS.

Did you see how awesome that looks? Did you see that they didn't totally whitewash the cast? Did you hear how he's going to have to "science the shit out of this" and yessss it seems they will be keeping the humor as well as the action and the tension?

I will try not to get too excited for this but if you can't tell, I don't think there's much hope in my achieving that. Plan B is just for the movie to live up to my expectations, please and thank you.

I was thinking at first that I should plan on re-reading the book around the time the movie is due out (October). Except now I'm thinking I might need to re-read it sooner. Like now. Right now. Like actually probably a few days before this post goes live, considering I'm writing it but don't plan on posting it in a couple days. Maybe I'll read this now and plan to read Mary Roach's Packing for Mars closer to the release date. Except of course that would assume I am good at planning my reading and I am not. At all.

I suppose this rambling post should serve as a warning that you will likely hear me babbling excitedly for this movie for the next couple months. Be happy you're not Tom who has to listen to this in person.