Friday, February 21, 2014

Why I LOVE being a reader and a book blogger

The Broke and the Bookish posted the Tuesday Top Ten prompt reasons I love being a blogger/reader. I didn't answer it cos I'm doing the Bleak House readalong, which also posts on Tuesdays. What, post 2 things in one day? You're cute. So yeah, I didn't join in (or know it was a thing until I saw other people posting about it) but I like the prompt. I meant to write my own post answering this prompt pretty much every day since then. Except I clearly didn't get around to it until now because lazy.

Anyway, why I love being a blogger and reader. Let's do this

New worlds/new people - How else am I going to know what it's like to someone/something different without stories? Stories are the best way to experience life from another point of view, and for me I connect with books more than I do with TV shows or movies (not that I don't loooooove both of those other things).

Escape - I know I've said this a jillion times, but I do most of my reading on public transportation. Public transportation I'd rather forget I was riding. Books are amazing for this. I can read and (mostly) forget about the crazy man yelling racist things and his invisible friend*.

There is always something else to read - I know there can't actually be infinite books out there, but it feels like it. I at least know I will never get to the point where there is NOTHING for me to read. Especially considering how often I re-read things.

You can major in it - Seriously, reading is my hobby but also what I literally went to school for. And it's a real major that almost every university has. It's like cheating at school. PLUS, I saved serious money on school books. One math text book: $360 (or something ridiculously high). Every book I had to buy for a every class in a semester: $100.

Connecting with people - I LOVE all of the people I have met through blogging about books. It is such a welcoming community, the people are awesome, and have been introduced to so many new favorite books. And now I can bore the people I see IRL less often about book things.

Readalongs - It's like a book club ONLY BETTER. Rather than discuss the book at the end you're talking about it as your making your way through. And the gifs. OH the gifs.

My space - I love having this space, to write about something important to me and to keep track of all of the books I've read and to see how many opinions change. I'd have vague remembrances of a book I'd read, but a lot of them would be mostly forgotten. Not now! And while this is all through a bookish lens, I can track important things that have happened to me. I've moved (I believe 4 times), bought a house, got engaged, and will soon get married, all since starting this blog.

I'm blanking on other reasons, though I'm sure there are more. Because really, I love love love reading and blogging about reading. I can't stress that enough. And with that, I'm off.
One last boop

*I tweeted the highlights, so you really, you should probably be following me there.