Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nemo and a convo about wedding desserts

It's been awhile since I've done a wedding update so I figured I should probably get one done. But before I do that, I'll share with you some pictures from the snowpocolypse Nemo. We got about 30" where I am, but luckily we didn't lose power.
Unfortunately I didn't stock up properly before the storm, or else yesterday would have been spent making cookies. Really, probably for the better because today would have been spent eating cookies. Speaking of desserts (SEGUES!) here's that wedding post.

Conversation about wedding dessert:

Me: I saw a thing for a lemon blueberry cake. What do you think?
Boyfriend+: Eh, I'm not big on cake.
Me: Should we go with pie then? Pie tiers?
Boyfriend+: Yeah pie...I'm gonna throw it in your face!
Me: What? No. Don't throw pie in my face.
Me: Don't throw pie at me. You don't even like bananas.
Me: I like fruit tarts.
Boyfriend+: You're a fruit tart!
Me: ...Cool. OK, so no cake, no pie, no fruit tart?
Boyfriend+: Let's be honest, I can throw any dessert in your face.

So if you're wondering how wedding planning is going, it's pretty much like that. That's mean cos it makes it seem like I'm TRYING to do stuff and Boyfriend+ is just not doing anything. Which isn't true cos I'm not trying that hard to come up with stuff either. I should probably work on that. Plus he may have found a photographer, so he may have actually gotten more done with the whole wedding thing than I have.

Oh and desserts are in no way figured out. Except for the fact that now that I have the dress picked out NO DESSERTS WILL BE FLUNG ON IT.

Also I kinda want a fruit tart right now...

Hopefully we'll have the budget figured out soon. Once that's settled on we can actually start booking stuff. Venues and food cost ALL THE MONEY. Until then my wedding posts will be random conversations like this or rants about various wedding things. (After the budget is figured out and stuff can be booked, there will probably still be rant posts. Be prepared.)