Friday, February 8, 2013

Nasty temper he's got, that Sirius Black

Happy Friday/Harry Potter Readalong Day! AND we're starting one of my favorite Harry Potter's (behind Order of the Phoenix anyway), Prisoner of Azkaban. Stuff starts getting darker, we get introduced to new characters THAT I LOVE, and there's that hippogriff.
Thank you Alice for holding this thing and a reminder to everyone that there will be spoilers. Be prepared. Also I heart this books so WEEEEEE
It was nice to see Harry (somewhat) stand up to the Dursleys, or at least his Aunt Marge. Plus it worked out nicely that he didn't get in trouble for it. See, there are POSITIVE side effects to an Azkaban escapee searching for you.

Finally the wizarding community decided to forgive Hagrid and make him a teacher. I mean, it would have been nice of them if they had forgiven Hagrid after it became clear Tom Riddle = Voldemort and thus Hagrid didn't set the basilisk loose. But I think it's clear the wizarding world has a terrible legal system.

Speaking of the wizard legal system, they are not focused on rehabilitation at all with their prison system. And considering they sent a small child to Azkaban because they thought he opened the Chamber of Secrets (on the word of another child instead of any sort of investigation) so I guess this really shouldn't be a surprise.  Rowling did create a supremely creepy creature in the Dementors. And I like that chocolate helps with the after effects. Because mmmmmm chocolate.
I know it was a bad thing for Buckbeak to attack Malfoy, but man, don't you kinda wish he took off his whole arm or something? Maybe just a finger. Also Malfoy's threat about his dad going to the school governors seems empty. You know, given Lucius was kicked off the board for blackmail and intimidation.

Lupin is great (even if I have problems with his name, which will be dealt with at a later time). It's nice to see an actually competent teacher. I know there are a few at the school, but they seem in equal number to the useless ones. Even if I like the useless ones. Like Trelawney. I mostly like Trelawney because of Emma Thompson and for her banter with McGonagall.

The Marauder's Map is super creepy. Awesome if you're the one that has it and creepy if you're anyone. Because it knows where you are at all times.
Then there's the whole danger factor considering people want to get into the schools and maybe this isn't a good thing to have around.

Concerning the Firebolt, Harry and Ron are dumbasses. They know Black was in the castle and they acknowledge he's coming for Harry. Yet he gets a VERY expensive broomstick and has no concerns over it. Teenagers are stupid and they need to stop yelling at Hermione.

Also the idea that Dumbledore couldn't be the one that gave him the broomstick because that would be showing favoritism. Except that time he bent the rules to let him play on the house team. And gave him his first broomstick, which was top of the line at the time. But no, no favoritism.

As with the other books, the second half is the best part so I can't wait until part II!

Title quote from page 161

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