Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reading Word Cloud, now on Wednesday

I was trying to think of what to blog about this week. I don't have any books I'm waiting to review. I'm currently in the middle of Stephen King's Under the Dome which is very good and veeeeeery long. Seriously, how do I still have like 400 pages left to go? I'm also participating in Alice's Harry Potter Readalong ALL THE GIFS and I finished Sorcerer's Stone but can't post about that until Friday. So what to do till then?

I could talk about the announcement of the new Dan Brown novel but eh. He's not my favorite author by any stretch of the imagination but I may read this one cos about something something Dante's Inferno something something. And I read Da Vinci Code (cos really, who didn't?) and Angels and Demons. Neither of which were very good but then again, I also read Twilight and sometimes you need literary junk food.

I could talk about my TBR list. I'm fairly confident I will never read anything on the list. Not because it's SO HUGE that it's unmanageable but because I add books to the list far faster than I read them. And then instead of picking a book off that list, I end up going with something else entirely. Cos that's how I roll. Now what?
Good idea Snape/Metatron, but I have one more idea. Word Cloud! I haven't done one in awhile and I was playing around with Wordle at work when I thought "oh hey, I could do this for the blog." And here we are

I'm a bit surprised that I said "Harry" almost as much as I said "book". I mean, I get that I'm talking about Harry Potter a lot but still. I do like "need" and "time" showing up next to one another which I know is coincidence but still TRUTH.**

Also get prepared for more HP talk. Like for the next few months. Also if you haven't joined that readalong you are missing out. Assuming you're looking for a readalong full of snark and GIFs and people-poking-holes-in-the-plot-but-really-it's-out-of-love. So yeah, come play along. We're pretty cool.

**I say this, as I sit on the couch typing this and watching episodes of Chopped.