Friday, July 13, 2012

Review Policy: Should I write one?

I didn't start this blog with the hopes of getting asked to review books. I didn't even realize that was a thing that happens. And once learning that is a thing I still don't blog with the hope of getting asked to review a book. Which I'm guessing some bloggers and many publishers think is just silly. At least based on the stories from this year's Book Blogger Convention. But this blog is my hobby, it's not my job. And having books that I have to read and review puts this in job territory. So I mostly stick to reading, reviewing and discussing my own books, thankyouverymuch.

That is not to say that I NEVER accept review copies. Just that I normally don't. If someone reached out to me with a book that sounds like something I would have bought myself I certainly welcome a free copy in exchange for a review. But for the most part I respond to the review requests with a "no thanks". Or I don't respond at all if it looks like the person hasn't bothered to look at my blog.

Because I get a lot of requests for books I have zero interest in, I've been thinking of adding a review policy page. But I'm not really sure what to say in it, or if it's really necessary. I mean the people who are asking me to read their YA paranormal romance* book clearly aren't looking at my blog to see if that's something I'd like to read, so why should I believe they'll read a review policy page? And because of the layout of my blog (which I heart) the page will be on the side of the screen and could be easy to overlook. But I sort of like the idea of having the page, even if it doesn't deter any of those requests.

Do you have a review policy? Why'd you decide to go with one? Has it helped?

*Not that there's anything wrong with YA paranormal romance. It's just not my thang. But there are LOTS of other blogs out there these authors can/should be reaching out to. ALSO it's not to say I will never read YA paranormal romance. I just will only read it if it comes HIGHLY recommended by many bloggers that I trust. Highly recommended.