Friday, May 4, 2012

Bookish wedding invitation

I have a couple reviews to write (Bill Bryson's The Lost Continent, Matt Norman's Domestic Violets and soon Christopher Moore's Sacre Bleu) but  instead of doing that I've decided to spent time watching trashy TV. So thank you TLC. But I did want to post something and my friend came through.

My friend is getting married this summer and I recently got her invitation. Her bookish invitation!* She and her fiance are the academic types and so the bookish theme makes sense. I thought it was adorable and she said it was cool if I shared it here, so here I share.
Clever, yes? Love the Cliff's Notes comment on the RSVP card.**

She's also apparently sent one of her students to this site to see examples of book reviews. I hope she's expecting a report filled with Victorian velociraptors, non sequiturs, and some mild cursing, cos that's what her student is going to find here.

*Sorry if anyone thought this title referred to me and a wedding. And by "anyone" I really mean my mom, given she's the person looking for hints.

**I should probably stop taking pictures of the invite and, you know, actually send in the card.