Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thoughts on Wilkie Collins or how I'm already behind on this readalong

This is my first time doing a readalong and I'm already behind. I come into work and was checking blogs and saw Alice had up a lil post about Wilkie Collins. And I thought nothing of it cos I figured it was just the intro this month (and the readalong) starting. And then another person had a post about the guy (and his giant forehead). And another. And another. And then I realized shit, I already missed the first post. And I was so proud I remembered to buy the book.

I wish I could say that even though this post is a day late, don't worry it's super awesome because I have great thoughts about the guy. Except I have none of those. I know nothing about the guy. Or the book. I signed up because this book (apparently) fulfills one of the categories for the Smooth Criminals reading challenge. And also I've wanted to do one of Alice's readalongs but she kept picking books I had just read.

I thought maybe I should learn about the guy and write a well thought out post. But I read everyone else's posts and I got the gist: BFF with Dickens, a bully made Wilkie tell him stories (which sounds like the plot of an animated movie), he has a name that sounds like a Mother Goose character, and he has a HUUUGE forehead.
Don't look directly at it
So I got the important things down. Also the episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia where the gang finds a dumpster baby is on and how can you turn away from that?