Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New to book blogging? My humble advice

I haven't participating in the Broke and the Bookish's Top Ten Tuesdays in awhile, but this week's prompt intrigued me. So Top Ten Tips for New Book Bloggers.

1. Write what you like. This seems obvious and I would assume if you're writing about books and reading you like books and reading. But beyond that, make sure you're enjoying what you're writing. Don't write something just to get traffic. Those posts are obvious, so you're not fooling anyone. And if you don't even like what you're writing, why should anyone like reading it?

2. Comment on other people's blogs. The book blogging community is the best part of book blogging and you'll never get the full experience if you just post but don't engage.

3. But don't leave pointless comments. A comment like "Nice post" is boring and doesn't start a conversation. Don't feel like you have to comment if you don't have anything to say.

4. You will find other like-minded book bloggers. If you like paranormal YA romance it might be easier to find those like-minded book bloggers. But no matter what genres you like or what writing style you're into, there are blogs out there you will like. You may have to look for them but when you find them, it's great.

5. Post regularly. That doesn't mean you have to post every day or even every week. But don't let your blog sit idle for months. Or I guess do that if those are only the times that move you to write. It just may be difficult to find a regular audience if they don't know when you'll show up.

6. Try out some of the memes/hops. There are lots of different ones out there and it is a great way to learn about other blogs. Just make sure you actually hop around and visit the other blogs.

7. But don't feel like you have to do any of the memes/hops. If something isn't for you, don't do it. If you don't like the prompt, if your tastes change, don't feel bad about skipping it for a week or dropping out entirely. It goes back to enjoying what you're writing.

8. Back up your reviews. If you love a book, tell me why you loved it. If you hate a book, tell me exactly what it was about the book that made you want to chuck it into the ocean. That doesn't mean you can't write a review that is based on emotion. Those can be great, as long as I can relate. If all you say is "I loved it!!" I got nothing.

9. Don't be cruel. Maybe you hated a book. Maybe you vehemently disagree with another blogger's post.  Maybe someone left a comment on your blog and totally missed the point you were going for. That's fine and you should feel free to disagree. The conversations would be no fun if it was just everyone patting each other on the back. But don't get nasty.

10. Write what you like. Did I mention this already? Well, it's that important. If you're doing this because you love it, why make it a chore for yourself?

What tips have I missed?