Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Word Cloud! And on a Sunday!

I'm spending the day relaxing and realized it's Sunday so I could actually get a Sunday Word Cloud posted on a Sunday. It's my blog so you'd think I could get these up here more often and when I claim I'll do it, but of course not. Here's the cloud

If you want to see it larger, check out this link at Wordle

I've recently been talking about the act and purpose of book blogging, so of course those words are reflecting here, although with King's name. I'm surprised his name shows up so large here. I guess I mentioned King more than I thought I had. 

If I think about this post in the terms of the purpose of book blogging, I suppose this isn't really for anyone but me. Then the question is, why bother making this public? Because to be honest, I assume most people don't care what words I use the most when blogging. I understand that. I have it posted here because this is where the data for the word cloud is coming from and it makes sense to me to keep it all together.