Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Comfort Reads

I have really failed updating here this month. It's just, man, everything is a lot even when there isn't a lot going on. Also I'm supposed to be on vacation right now which obviously is not happening and there are MUCH bigger problems in the world, of course, but I'm still majorly bummed.
Anyway, let's not wallow (too much) but instead, let's talk about comfort reads. Because that is basically all I can handle right now. I don't necessarily just mean rereading my favorites (though I am doing that) but just reading things that are fun and not too taxing. Reading that requires effort and makes you work for it and tackles difficult subjects is GREAT and I love it. When I have the mental energy for it. Which I don't right now. Because work and the goblin and general anxiety are taking up a lot of space.
Which isn't the worst. Because I'm still reading. I was worried some of that would fall to the wayside because the majority of my reading happens during my commute. You know, that commute that is no longer happening. In theory I have time to sit and read. Except I find that when I have that time to just sit there, I would rather do something less mentally taxing. Like aimlessly scrolling through various social media sites and watching reruns of House Hunters. But I am having continued success listening to books.
I've relistened to some Bill Bryson because I love me some random facts. I've been listening to a bunch of Hercule Pirot and while technically they are new to me, let's be real, the stories are not that different from each other and I am just enjoying the ridiculousness that they entail (some intentional, some not). Also there is a lot of Christie in general and a lot available on various library apps, which is helpful when I can't really leave the house.
Ultimately, I want things that aren't going to make me work too much. I want them to be familiar and easy and that will make me smile. I will get back to more difficult reads, those that challenge me and present to me different points of view and experiences. I love those things too. But right now, that's not what I need. That's not what I can handle. And it's not what I'll appreciate. So instead let me snuggle up (metaphorically, since I'm typically doing something like cooking while listening) with a book that is the equivalent of a big cup of tea/coffee/vodka/whathaveyou.