Friday, March 8, 2019

February Reading Wrap-Up

So I wrote this post just before February ended. And yet. I still couldn't get it posted in time. Because I'm just that organized. Well, an attempt was made at least.

Another month down and February was quite an eventful month. Or I guess there was really one main thing, that is starting a new job, but that's a big thing and since I hadn't started a new job in over a decade, CHANGES. I mean, there were changes at the old job, but it was the same company and even when I changed departments it wasn't like changing jobs.

I expect my audiobook consumption to increase even more than it has over the last few months. Previously, my old commute afforded me lots of time to read while on the train. Now that I am driving to work, it really wouldn't be in anyone's best interest if I were reading a book, so I'll be listening instead.

In goblin news, he's 7 months and that is crazy to me. I mean, I get how time works and such but still.
Number of books read
Life at the Dakota: New York's Most Unusual Address by Stephen Birmingham
Noir by Christopher Moore
Texts from Jane Eyre by Daniel Mallory Ortberg
Earpedia: Animals by Sue Perkins
Bill Bryson's Appliance of Science by Bill Bryson
Relish by Lucy Knisley
Killer by Nature by Jan Smith

Number of pages read


POC authors
Female authors

US authors


Book format
audiobook: 57%
ebook: 29%
paperback: 14%

Where'd I get the book
Indie: 14%
Kindle/Audible: 86%

Decade published
1970s: 14%
2010s: 86%

Resolution books
Life at the Dakota was published in 1979. Had some whiplash while reading it when he referred to John Lennon in the present tense
Earpedia: Animals and Killer by Nature are both by UK authors (Sue Perkins and Jan Smith).