Monday, January 7, 2019

December Reading Wrap Up

Wow. 2018 is done. Man, December went fast. Super fast. Guess that's what happens when the holidays come around and also maternity leave is ending so you're freaking out a bit (a lot). So yeah, I clearly got no blogging done but I did get some reading done. Reading with my ears, at least. As of late that has been much easier to accomplish than sitting down and reading reading, though now that the commute is back, perhaps that will change.

Why not get right into the December stats? Let's do it.

Oh but first, a follow up to last month's turkey butt. December had reindeer butt. Thank you, baby clothes makers, for putting so many designs on the bums. You're doing great work.
Anyway, stats.

Number of books read
Becoming by Michelle Obama
Almost Midnight by Rainbow Rowell
Stephen Fry's Victorian Secrets by Stephen Fry, John Woolf and Nick Baker
Twain's Feast by Andrew Beahrs and Nick Offerman
New Family Values by Andrew Solomon

Number of pages read


POC authors
Not great but it's something, which is more than I can say for the last few months
Female authors

US authors


Book formats
audiobook: 80%
hardback: 20%

Where'd I get the book
Gift: 20%
Kindle/Audible: 80%

Decades published
2010s: 100%

Resolution books
Becoming by Michelle Obama (POC author)
Stephen Fry's Victorian Secrets by a bunch of UK authors

Will I get a 2018 round up post done? It's always possible! I mean, this one took me like 4 days to get finished but you never know.