Thursday, November 1, 2018

October Reading Wrap Up

Time is flying and that's crazy. I mean I realize that's what time does and it marches forward* and all. Anyway, October is done and once again I had almost no Trick-or-Treaters (except two children who came to both my front and back doors and were legit surprised when the same person answered both) so I have a big bowl of candy and what oh what will I do with it? The goblin had his first Halloween wherein he spent most of the time looking around confused and/or napping. But what an adorable piece of sushi he was.
At some point I will stop adding pictures of him to the top of the blog posts. But not yet. 

Anyway, October reading. I messed up the pattern I had going (1 book in July, 2 in August, 3 in September) by reading too many books in October. Or reading/listening since audiobooks played a part in this. Mildly disappointed, though since I read 5 in October I could go for a Fibonacci sequence pattern instead. Except I'm not going to do that. 8 books in November. Ha. 

Let's get to those stats, shall we?

Number of books read
My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag by Jolie Kerr
Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife by Mary Roach
Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter
Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson

Number of pages read

Turns out when I'm looking for easier reading, I turn to nonfiction. Probably because it's easier to put down and pick up again without having to remember lots of characters and plot points. 

POC authors
I'm mad at me too

Female authors

US authors

Readalong/Book club selections

Book formats
audibooks: 60%
ebooks: 40%

Where'd I get the book
Kindle/Audible: 100%

Decades published
1990s: 40%
2000s: 20%
2010s: 40%

Resolution books
Which sounds impressive but it is only because 2 of the books I read were published before 2000. Both Bryson books, ones I have read many many times, although this is the first time I listened to them so that was fun.

Oh November, what will you bring? 

*Unless you're in the afterlife which, according to The Good Place (which you're watching, yes? Because it is super fantastic) is Jeremy Bearimy instead of straight.